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Founded in 2012, Pensar Medical™ has established itself as a leading player in the transformative field of wound care.


10+ Years of Clinical Success

Made In The USA

Pensar Medical specializes in crafting a range of cutting-edge negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) systems that are designed to elevate the standard of care. Our solutions include:

The WoundPro™ – Recognized for its simplicity and effectiveness, this advanced NPWT system boasts the industry’s most reliable and powerful pump. It accelerates wound healing and improves patient outcomes.

The MicroDoc® – Our state-of-the-art single-use NPWT system offers a discreet, non-restrictive design for comfortable wear while delivering highly effective wound therapy.

In addition, Pensar Medical provides advanced dressing kits, including collection canisters and wound foam dressings, meticulously developed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of NPWT.

For inquiries, partnership opportunities, or to explore career possibilities, visit our website at pensarmedical.com. Discover how, together, we can advance excellence in wound care.

Our Team

Jason Bandy - CEO of Pensar Medical


Jason Bandy

Ben Ostrow - CFO of Pensar Medical


Ben Ostrow

Holly Desimone - Vice President Clinical at Pensar Medical
Vice President Clinical

Holly Desimone, RN, WCC

Trish Gonzalez - Director of Client Support Services at Pensar Medical
Director of Client Support Services

Trish Gonzalez

Our Customer Promises

Pensar Medical prioritizes customer support and assistance, ensuring our valued partners have access to wound healing supplies and expert guidance when needed.

Cost effective

3-year warranty

Same day
order fulfillment️

Live support
clinical helpline

Our Wound Care Products

Negative Pressure Wound Treatment Device


A powerful NPWT system for accelerated wound healing.

negative pressure wound therapy devices


A compact advancement from our WoundPro™ system.

wound healing devices


A discreet, portable single-use NPWT system.

npwt devices

Supplies & Accessories

Advanced Wound Care Supplies to enhance the efficiency of NPWT.

Same Day Order Fulfillment – 3 Year Warranty

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