Employee Spotlight: Trish Gonzalez, Director of Client Support Services at Pensar Medical

Mar 27, 2024


When you call Pensar Medical, chances are you’ll be greeted by the friendly voice of Trish Gonzalez. With her extensive career in the medical field, Trish isn’t just a key player at Pensar – she’s the cornerstone of our exceptional client support. Her dedication and expertise are crucial to our commitment to delivering unparalleled service. Read on to learn more about Trish and her impactful contributions to Pensar.

Trish Gonzalez

Where are you based?

Norco, California

How long have you been part of the Pensar team?

“I have been at Pensar since day one.”

What do you do at Pensar?

“As the Director of Client Support Services, my main focus is on supporting our distributor customers in any way possible. I set customer service goals and work tirelessly to achieve them. I firmly believe that if we don’t do our job well, it affects our clients’ ability to do theirs. Maintaining strong, personal relationships with our customers is crucial to me. I take pride in knowing all our customers by their first names and a little about what’s going on in their lives.”

How did you originally join Pensar?

“I knew the prior owners from my work in the medical field. When they started Pensar, they recognized my skills and experience working with customers and asked me to lead client services at the company. The role perfectly matches what I love: interacting with people and making a real impact. Eight years later, I still come to work every day passionate about what I do.”

What is your background in the field?

“I’ve been in the medical field for 30 years. I originally went to school to become a medical assistant and phlebotomist, but I found that I enjoyed the administrative part more than being in the field. My experience working alongside a diverse range of doctors and healthcare facilities has equipped me with a broad and invaluable perspective. This is crucial in my role at Pensar, especially being in client services where understanding and anticipating the needs of our customers [distributors] and their customers [doctors and nurses] is key.”

What sets Pensar apart?

“What sets Pensar apart is our genuinely exceptional customer service, which I’m extremely proud to lead. At Pensar, every call matters. When customers reach out to us, they can be confident that we will answer and recognize them. It’s personal for us. Whenever I answer the phone, I’m fully committed to supporting their requests, even if it’s not our distributor client, but the end user. If I don’t have the answer, I make sure they’re quickly connected to someone who does. We are more than just a team at Pensar; we’re a family, deeply focused on our customers.

I’m also incredibly grateful for the collaborative environment at Pensar. Here, my recommendations and feedback are not just listened to; they’re put into action. This inclusive culture allows us to continually evolve and tailor our services in ways that most effectively benefit our customers and the future of Pensar.”

What’s your vision for Pensar’s future?

“As we navigate through Pensar’s rapid and thrilling growth, my unwavering focus is on preserving and enhancing the high-quality relationships we have established with our customers. As Pensar expands, our dedication to fostering strong, personal connections with our clients must remain a core value. I am committed to ensuring these relationships continue to thrive and are always at the forefront of our operations.”

What’s a fun fact about you?

“I bought a Harley Davidson 5 years ago and love going on long rides for some ‘wind therapy.’ I’ve been interested in riding motorcycles since I was a kid. It took me a little while, but buying my own is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

What’s a “positive result” you hope to impart on Pensar?

“We’ve already established ourselves as a top choice for negative pressure therapy among doctors and healthcare facilities, and I’m dedicated to further enhancing this reputation. In client services, we prioritize delivering consistently superior products and exceptional service. This steadfast commitment solidifies our leadership in the field and demonstrates that we don’t just aim for excellence – we embody it in everything we do every day.”