MicroDoc’s sNPWT Supportive Dressing: A Leap Forward in Wound Healing

Apr 2, 2024

Wound care presents complex challenges for clinicians across specialties, emphasizing the need for treatments tailored to individual patient needs. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t suffice in wound care, highlighting the clinical benefit of Pensar Medical’s MicroDoc sNPWT supportive dressing, equipped with Enluxtra technology. This dressing adapts to various requirements during the wound-healing process, making it a versatile tool in a clinician’s arsenal.

Balancing Moisture for Optimal Healing

Achieving the right moisture balance can be a challenge in wound care. Different areas of a wound, including edges, peri-wound regions, or portions of the wound bed, may need additional moisture. The MicroDoc’s supportive dressing effectively meets these needs. It removes excess exudates and simultaneously provides moisture to dry areas, thanks to its embedded hydrogel and self-regulating properties. Such functionality is vital, considering that dry wounds may struggle to properly heal and potentially become chronic.

Innovative Absorption and Protection Features

MicroDoc’s dressing is equipped with superabsorbent structural polymer matrices that feature a unique lock-away feature. This system efficiently captures and isolates excess exudates from the wound bed, aiding in reducing bacterial burden and minimizing wound odors, which in turn allows the wound to devote more resources to healing. The effectiveness of MicroDoc’s dressing in managing wound environments is significantly enhanced by this technology.

Customizable and Convenient Dressing Options

Recognizing the diverse needs of wound care, MicroDoc offers three pre-moistened dressing sizes: 4” x 4”, 6” x 6”, and a 1.5” x 80” pre-moistened roll. These dressings ensure a fit for all wound sizes. Clinicians can customize these dressings to specific needs by taping two or more together.

The 1.5” x 80” roll, in particular, is optimal for closed surgical incisions or more flexible wound care requirements, like those on the feet. As part of our comprehensive dressing options, it helps clinicians navigate the complexities of sNPWT dressing application and seal maintenance.

Our Commitment to Supporting Clinicians

At the core of our mission is the aim to provide clinicians with as many tools as possible to aid in their expertise in healing wounds. MicroDoc’s sNPWT supportive dressing, with its innovative moisture-balancing technology and adaptable design, represents a significant step forward in wound care management. It’s a testament to our commitment to supporting the healing process through advanced, thoughtful product design. Contact us here to learn more about the MicroDoc dressings or place an order.