Introducing Pensar Medical’s Enhanced NPWT Drape

Mar 15, 2024

At Pensar Medical, we’ve listened to the invaluable insights of clinicians and are excited to introduce our improved Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) drapes. These advanced drapes are meticulously developed with advanced materials and design features to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and improve patient experiences with our NPWT dressing kits. They are a significant advancement in NPWT treatment, addressing some of the most common challenges faced by treatment nurses, particularly in maintaining a seal in anatomically challenging wound locations.

Understanding the Importance of NPWT Drapes

In NPWT, the importance of a high-quality drape cannot be overstated. These drapes play a pivotal role in the success of the treatment. Clinicians often face the challenge of maintaining a seal, particularly in wounds in difficult-to-access body areas. An ineffective drape can lead to suboptimal treatment outcomes, patient discomfort, and prolonged healing times.

Conformability: A Focus on Patient Comfort and Efficacy

Our new drape construction is designed for high conformability, using a high-performance polyurethane film offering inherent structural integrity and stretch. This design ensures appropriate flexibility to accommodate patient movement, thus reducing the potential for skin trauma. The drape conforms smoothly to the anatomical curves of the patient, effectively diminishing the pinching or pulling of tissue. This increased patient comfort is vital for promoting treatment compliance, thereby furthering the chance of positive outcomes.

Seal Integrity: Critical for Effective NPWT

Maintaining a reliable seal is fundamental to the efficacy of NPWT, and our new drapes are specifically designed to meet this challenge. They utilize an advanced acrylic adhesive with high initial tack, ensuring a robust and reliable seal in even the most challenging wound environments. This hypoallergenic adhesive has been clinically proven to provide strong adhesion while being gentle on removal, balancing patient comfort with effective treatment performance.

Moisture Management: Essential for Effective Healing

A key component in effective NPWT is moisture balance. Our breathable film construction provides the ideal environment for effective therapy, ensuring that moisture levels are optimally managed. Excessive moisture can increase the risk of bacterial growth and potential infection, while insufficient moisture can impede healing. The moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) is a critical characteristic of our flexible materials, allowing for an optimal moisture balance that supports peri-wound integrity and effective therapy. Using our highly breathable polyurethane film allows this balance to be achieved cost-effectively, without compromising the overall performance and safety of the product.

Unwavering Commitment to Safety and Standards

Safety is paramount in products intended for skin contact. Our NPWT drapes are made with materials that have passed stringent biocompatibility testing under ISO 10993 guidelines, as recognized by the FDA. The Pensar Medical drape, including the film, adhesive, and supporting materials, has undergone and passed the required cytotoxicity, sensitization, and irritation testing under these standards.


Pensar Medical’s new NPWT drape is a significant step forward in wound care. It represents a synthesis of innovative material science and a deep understanding of clinical requirements and patient comfort. This enhancement is a testament to our commitment to providing superior wound care solutions that address the practical challenges of treatment while ensuring patient well-being. For more information on pricing or to place an order for our enhanced drapes, contact us here.