Cleaning Your WoundPro™ and WoundPro+™ NPWT Systems

Cleaning Your WoundPro™ and WoundPro+™ NPWT Systems

At Pensar Medical™, we prioritize the safety and effectiveness of our Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Systems. These cutting-edge medical devices play a crucial role in wound care, and proper cleaning is essential to ensure their longevity and reliability. In...

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WoundPro™ Operator’s Manual (English)

Your comprehensive guide to mastering the proper use and operation of the WoundPro™ Control Unit. Includes instructions for use, system components, safety, alarms, cleaning, and maintenance. The WoundPro™ Operator's Manual ensures you have all the knowledge you need to achieve the best results with the WoundPro™ system.

WoundPro™ Operator’s Manual (English)

WoundPro™ Quick Reference Card (English)

The WoundPro™ Quick Reference Card is your handy companion for mastering the basic operations of the WoundPro™ system. This concise guide provides caregivers with essential instructions on operating the unit and interpreting alarms effectively.

Tarjeta De Referencia Rápida Del WoundPro™ (Español)

Tarjeta De Referencia Rápida Del WoundPro™ (Español)

La Tarjeta de referencia rápida del WoundPro™ es su práctico compañero para dominar las operaciones básicas del sistema WoundPro™. Esta guía concisa proporciona a los cuidadores instrucciones esenciales sobre cómo operar la unidad e interpretar las alarmas de manera efectiva.

MicroDoc One Pager

Discover the MicroDoc®

Learn more about the MicroDoc®, our single-use Negative Pressure Wound Treatment System. Explore how this innovative therapy can promote effective wound healing with minimal intrusion.

WoundPro™ Operator’s Manual (English)

Pensar Medical™ Wound Care Systems

Explore the WoundPro™, WoundPro+™, and MicroDoc® systems, as well as wound care supplies offered by Pensar Medical™. Learn how our devices have set a 10-year track record of clinical excellence, advancing the standard of wound healing care.

WoundPro Cleaning Guide in English: Detailed instructions for cleaning and maintaining the WoundPro unit.

Cleaning Guidelines for WoundPro™ and WoundPro+™ NPWT Systems

Proper cleaning is essential to ensure the longevity and reliability of your WoundPro and WoundPro+ units. In this one-pager we outline how to clean your devices effectively.

Guía de limpieza de WoundPro en español: Instrucciones detalladas para la limpieza y mantenimiento de la unidad WoundPro.

Directrices de Limpieza para Sistemas de NPWT WoundPro™ y WoundPro+™

Una limpieza adecuada es esencial para garantizar la longevidad y confiabilidad de sus unidades WoundPro y WoundPro+. En esta hoja informativa, describimos cómo limpiar sus dispositivos de manera efectiva.

Image of Pensar Medical™ Basic vs. Advanced Dressing Kit Comparison One-Pager

Wound Dressing Kits: Advanced vs. Basic

We offer two exceptional options to meet your specific needs - Advanced and Basic Wound Dressing Kits. This one-pager will help you understand the key differences between the two kits to help you make the best choice for your patients.

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